How do I create a survey?

  1. To get started with creating a survey, click on Create a Survey on your Dashboard.
    Give your new survey a title and select the default language. You can also choose to copy an existing survey, use a survey template, or have us create the survey for you.

  2. Click Start and your survey will be created. You will then be taken to the Theme Selection page, which allows you to choose a theme for your survey.

  3. Once you have selected your theme, you will be taken to the design section of the survey. This is where you will construct your survey's questions, pages and rules.

  4. To add a question, select Add Question. Enter your question text and select a question type from the drop down menu.

    Depending on the question type, you will then need to add your answer options.

    Add any extra settings and click Add Question to save.

  5. When you have finished building your survey, select Send Survey to choose a distribution method. You can also test your survey by selecting Preview Survey.

  6. Switch your survey status to Online.

    You will now be able to select the distribution method for your survey, which will create a tracking link.

  7. When you create a new tracking link, a window will open which allows you to adjust the settings for that specific tracking link.

  8. Once your survey begins collecting results, you will be able to view the data within the Results section.
    The features within this section will allow you to view your results, perform in depth analysis and export your data.

If you have any difficulties, then please contact us.