How to include custom fields in a contact list

(You will need a paid subscription to be able to use this feature)

To include custom fields to your contact list, follow the steps below:
  1. On your Dashboard, click Address Book in the Libraries section.
  2. Select Add New Contact List.
  3. Enter a name for your contact list and choose whether the list will be anonymous or allow duplicate contacts.
  4. Enable Custom Columns to add your custom headings.
  5. A box will open, allowing you to add extra fields. (e.g. Employee number, Location, Region etc.)
    Each field must be entered on a separate line. Click Save to confirm. 


    *Please note: the fields Name and Email are created automatically.*

  6. To import contacts, click Add Contacts.
  7. Enter your contacts in accordance to the correct format.

    If you have a CSV file which contains your contacts, then simply copy and paste the data across. Please ensure that the layout of your CSV file is the same as the format demonstrated in your contact list.