How do I show the final score to the respondent?

(You will need a paid subscription to be able to use this feature)

To find out how to show the final score to a respondent, please follow the steps below.

(Please note, this feature can only be used on surveys that have scoring enabled. For more information on how to add scoring to your survey, please click here.)


  1. On My Surveys page, click the Collect icon next to your survey.
  2. Open the settings of a tracking link and click on Toggle Advanced Options.
  3. Click on Messages.
  4. Enter the following tag into the Thank You Page text: [scoring(total)]

    You can also set the survey to display the total score percentage. To do this, add the following tag instead: [scoring(total_perc)]

  5. When a respondent completes the survey, their total score will be displayed to them within the thank you page.