How can I export my survey results to SPSS?

(You will need a paid subscription to be able to use this feature)

To learn how to export your results to SPSS, please follow the steps below: 
  1. On My Surveys page, click Results next to the survey you wish to export.
  2. Select Export.

  3. Save the file to your computer and open SPSS.
  4. Close any dialogue box that may appear when SPSS is launched.
  5. Go to the file menu. Select File -> Open -> Data.
    A dialog box will open. Find and select your saved CSV file.  
  6. SPSS will open a Text Input Wizard automatically. The wizard will ask you a series of questions to determine how to read the file.
  7. Select NO when asked "Does your text file match a predefined format?"


  8. Specify that the variables are delimited and that the variable names are at the top of the file as highlighted below.

    *NOTE: It is very important that you indicate that the variable names are at the top of the file.*


  9. Select the options highlighted below.


  10. Indicate that the delimiters that appear between variables are commas and that there is no text qualifier, as shown below.


  11. Select the specifications for the variables. If you select the data format for the UserID column as numeric, it will convert it into decimal format.

  12. Select the options as highlighted below.


  13. Click Finish. The data should be correctly imported.