What is Piping?

(You will need a paid subscription to be able to use this feature)


Survey Piping is a feature which, when applied correctly, allows the survey to automatically incorporate survey information and answers from previous questions, into upcoming questions and answers.

Below is an example of a respondent answering a survey with Question Piping applied:

  1. The first question of the survey is, 'Q1. What is your favourite colour?' The answers are, 'Red, Green, Yellow, Orange or Other'.
  2. The respondent selects 'Orange'.
  3. The next question contains the Question Piping. This will, in effect, take the selected answer from the previous question and insert it into the current question text; 'Q2. Why is Orange your favourite colour?'

Below is an example of a respondent answering a survey with Answer Piping applied:


The first question of the survey is, 'Q1. Which of these activites do your prefer?' The answers are, 'Football, Rugby, Cricket or Other'.

The respondent selects 'Cricket'.

The next question contains the Answer Piping. This rule, when applied correctly, will take a previously selected answer, and apply within the answer options of the current question; 'Q2. Which is more important to you? Cricket, Running, Gymnastics or Other'.

For an introductory guide on using Piping, please follow the steps below:

  1. On your Dashboard, select Create New Survey.

  2. Give the survey a title and select Start.
  3. On the design page, select Add Question.

  4. Create a Multiple Choice (Only One Answer) question such as, 'What is your favourite colour?'.
    Add the answer options and select Add Question to save the question.

  5. Now that the first question has been added, add a new page by selecting Insert Page Here.

    This page must be created after the page that contains the first question, in order for the Piping to work.
  6. Select Add Question on the new page.

  7. Create an Comment/Essay Box question such as, 'Why is your favourite colour?' (NB - the missing word here is deliberate).
  8. Within this question is where the Piping will be applied. In this example the piping will be added in-between 'is' and 'your'.
    To add piping, click in-between the two words and then select Insert Piping. Select question two from the drop-down menu and click Insert.

  9. Once the tag has been entered, you can proceed with adding any extra question options.
  10. Select Add Question to add the question.
  11. You can now test the Piping feature to see if it was applied correctly.