How do I launch my survey?

To launch your survey, follow the steps below:

  1. On My Surveys page, click Collect next to the survey you wish to launch.
  2. Switch the survey Online.
  3. Choose a distribution method to creating a tracking link.

    i) Web Link will provide you with the generic link for your survey. Anyone you send this link to will be able to respond to the survey. You can also customise the ID section of this survey link.

    ii) Email Tool will allow you to distribute your email using a contact list from the Address Book.

    iii) Offline Mode allows you to collect responses without needing an internet connection. (You will need an Enterprise account to be able to use this feature)

    iv) Buy Responses allows you to distribute your survey to a target audience. This service requires an additional purchase. (You will need a paid subscription to be able to use this feature)

    v) Facebook links your survey to your Facebook account.

    vi) Web Embed allows you to embed the survey within your own website.

    vii) QR Code allows you to generate a QR code for your surveys. Respondents will be able to scan the QR code to gain access to the survey.