How do I add custom variables to my survey link?

By using custom variables on your surveys you will be able to pass custom values through your survey links, which are then displayed within the survey results.

To find out how to set up custom variables, please follow the steps below

  1. On My Surveys page, click Design next to your survey.

  2. Hover over Options and click on Custom Variables.

  3. Click Add Custom Variable.

  4. Enter your Variable Name and Label. The Variable Name is the name that you add to the survey link (e.g., and the Label is how the variable is labelled within the results of the survey.

  5. Click Save Variable to create your variable.

  6. If you need more than one variable on your survey, then simply repeat the previous steps.

  7. When you are ready to launch the survey with your custom variables, access the Collect section.

  8. Copy the live link to the survey and paste it into a program that allows text input (e.g. Excel, Word, Notepad).
    At the end of your survey link add a question mark, followed by your Variable Name and variable value(s). (If the link already contains a question mark, then use an ampersand '&').

  9. If you have more than one Variable Name to add to your survey link, then you can separate each one by using an ampersand '&'.

  10. When a respondent answers a survey that contains custom variables, the variable values will be included with their response details, within the Responses section of the survey results.