How do I create a Support Ticket?

To create a Support Ticket, please follow the step below:
  1. On your Dashboard,  select New Ticket in the Support section.
  2. On this page you can enter a subject, choose a category and enter your message. When you are ready to send the ticket, click Submit Ticket.

  3. To view your previously created support tickets, select Return to All Tickets.
  4. On this next page, you will be able to view the status of your support tickets:

    - Closed represents a support ticket that has been resolved. (You can close a ticket at any time by clicking View and selecting 'Issue Resolved - Close Ticket')
    - Waiting for Client means that a member of our support team has replied to your ticket and is awaiting your response.
    Open shows that you have created a ticket and are awaiting a response from our support team.
    - Answered indicates that you have responded to a member of our support team regarding your query.

    When a member of our support team replies to a ticket, a notification symbol will appear within your account. This can be found at the top of each page and on the dashboard.