How do I use the Filtering Tool?

(You will need a paid subscription to be able to use this feature)

To find out how to use the Filtering Tool, follow the steps below:

  1. On My Surveys page, click on Results next to your survey.

  2. Click on Filtering.

  3. Click Create Filter Report.

  4. On the next page enter name for the filter group and if needed, a description.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Within your filter group, click Add New Filter.

  7. Select the type of filter that you wish to create:

    i) Filter by Question and Answer - This section allows you choose a question and answer(s) to filter the data by. Each rule is limited to one question, however, you can apply multiple answers per rule, if they are part of the same question.

    ii) Filter by Date Completed - This type of filter allows you to apply a date range to your results.

    iii) Filter by Unique ID - If you have used unique ID's with your survey links, then this filter type allows you to break down the data by unique ID.

    iv) Filter by Translations - If you have used multiple translations on your survey, then this filter allows you to break down the data by translation.

    v) Filter by Tracking Links - Break down your data based on the Tracking Links for your survey.

    vi) Filter by Variables - If you have passed custom variables through your survey link, then this feature allows you to filter the data based on variables.

    vii) Filter by Contact List Data - This feature would allow you to filter your results based on column data within your contact lists (e.g. name, email, etc.).

    viii) Filter by Contact Lists - This allows you to filter your data by contact list, rather than data within a contact list.

    ix) Filter by Invitation Messages - Filter your data based on invitations you have sent out via the Email Tool.

    (The last three filter options will only be visible if the survey has been sent out to a contact list)

  8. When creating a filter rule, you can set whether the criteria searches for AND/OR. This would allow you to set the filter tool to check all of the filter rules you have applied within the group, or any of them.

  9. Now that the filter has been setup, any respondents that apply to the filter will be displayed.
    To apply this filter to your results summary, click Apply to Summary.

  • (NB - There are no limits to the number of filters you can add. New respondents will automatically be assigned to filter groups, if they apply to the filter rules.)